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Case Study # 1

Case Study # 1: My name is Amy Burcham and this is my very first case study! I’m a bit of a left brain thinker and I love to take the, “norm” and completely flip it about and see what results I get when I ad a different variable!

You see the , “norm” is that we read a good book after it is proof read and published. A very few % get to read a book in the Raw, UN-cut and UN-edited. So I have decided to write a book and allow my readers to join me one chapter at a time! I feel very fortunate to have finally found a handful of like minded people that believe in sharing what works so we as a whole can benefit from the knowledge.

Knowledge is “Power” and that is a fact, but if we don’t pass knowledge on to the next generation how do we expect them to succeed? I believe everyone should be able to make good money to feed their families. With that being said each chapter that I share with you will give you a valuable piece of knowledge that if executed can help you succeed. Open image for Chapter 1

Home based business ideas and opportunities

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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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